Human Population Genetics and Genomics ISSN 2770-5005

Submission Instructions

  • Please follow the steps below to prepare and submit your manuscript:

    1. Check Guidelines for Authors and make sure your study and manuscript meet the journal requirements.

    2. Check if required information has been included in your manuscript following Formatting Guidelines. Templates (Word or Latex for main text, EndNote template for reference) are available to assist you, but formatting is not compulsory.

    3. Make sure your manuscript is prepared in accurate and understandable English before submission. If you need an English editing service, please contact us.

    4. Make sure the following files and information are ready in hand:

    • Cover letter for Editors;
    • Authors' full names, institutional email addresses, and ORCID iDs where possible;
    • Manuscript in Word or Latex form as well as figures and tables;
    • Written permission for figures, tables, text quotations, etc. It is the authors' responsibility to request and secure any permissions required for the use of published materials;
    • If you would like to propose or oppose potential reviewers, make sure to provide their names, email addresses and any other helpful information;
    • Supporting files (if any).

    5. Go to our online submission system and submit your manuscript. 

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